Architectural considerations around the use of space such as internal layout, room layout, circulation design as well as the ‘feeling of home’ provide some of the most vital elements in creating healthy, liveable environments. Our homes should be flexible and adaptable, providing sufficient room to meet our daily needs, while minimizing stressors via thoughtful design solutions. The way we move around our homes can have a huge impact on our interactions and experiences of using them. All residences, no matter their size, are made up of travel routes and destinations. Understanding the difference is key to planning circulation flows that avoid irritation or disruption. The feeling of home is that wonderful je ne sais quoi that comes with finding balance in a living space over which you have full agency, and which reflects your tastes and ways of living. It is often found in design that embraces simplicity and authenticity, timelessness and elegance in natural materials. Crucially, it is about having intention for our spaces and the items in our homes.