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The Necessity of Purity: The Essential Role of Water Filtration in the Home

With rising concerns over water contaminants, it's imperative to reassess the quality of the water we drink. As the emphasis on health and wellness grows globally, it's the perfect time to spotlight the significance of at-home filtration solutions for this vital resource.

Over 26 million people in more than 431 communities are now exposed to these toxic “forever chemicals” in their drinking water.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A PFAS Story: Hope Grosse and Joanne Stanton. Video courtesy of The Environmental Working Group (EWG) via YouTube
Aarke glass and stainless steel water pitcher uses a granular filter. Photo courtesy of Aarke
Environmental Water Systems (EWS) reverse osmosis unit. Photo courtesy of EWS
Big Berkey gravity-fed water filter. Photo courtesy of Berkey
AquaTru Classic countertop water purifier. Photo courtesy of AquaTru

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Breathe Easy in Your Home All Year Round

Drawing on Harvard professor and healthy buildings expert Joseph G. Allen's research, it's crucial to understand how environmental pollution impacts the air quality inside our homes, emphasizing the need to reassess and improve the air we breathe indoors.