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No Mow May: A Pollinator Love Story

Conscientious inaction can be the key to biodiversity. For the modern gardener, what we choose not to do, not to buy, or not to mow is sometimes of greater consequence to the natural environment.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden displays plants native to California. Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

“Owning a garden, however small, is a privilege, pleasure and a responsibility.”

Sebastian Cox

The Lurie Garden designed by Piet Oudolf built on a garage roof in Millennium Park, Chicago displays native plants. Photo courtesy of The New Perennialist
Photo courtesy of Adrien Olichon
Photo courtesy of Revieshan
Gardener and writer Margaret Roach stopped mowing an area of her garden to explore what might grow. Photo courtesy of Margaret Roach
Janet and Jeff Crouch of Maryland utilized lawyers and legislators to fight their HOA for the right to maintain pollinator-friendly native landscaping. Photo courtesy of Janet Crouch
A residential garden that has been rewilded with native plants in Ontario, Canada. Photo courtesy of Laura Tipton