Good design can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness and overall quality of life. At WLLW, when we consider form in the context of what goes into a home, we look to furniture – both fitted and loose, as well as fixtures and equipment. Designers refer to this collectively as FF&E, and it includes all the products specified to furnish and equip a home’s interior; from sofas, tables, lighting, beds, curtains, accessories, specialist joinery or millwork, casegoods and appliances. While far reaching, this category proposes enhancements to ensure the products we specify are elegant and functional, healthy and sustainable. Made beautifully and ethically to last a very long time, they often integrate modularity or repairability, and we design with material usage in mind, looking to nature for our inspiration. Considerations of physical and psychological ergonomics also play an important part. Our objective is to ensure the contents of a home can minimize environmental impact while supporting resident wellbeing.

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Inside the Workshop: Studio Amos

Studio AMOS is a British craft studio led by Annemarie O'Sullivan and Tom McWalter. Their work is rooted in the ancient craft of basket making, and they grow and harvest local materials to make functional objects, furniture and lighting. Earlier in the summer, we paid them a visit.