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What is 1% for the Planet?

WLLW reaffirms its commitment to healthy home design and a sustainable future by joining 1% for the Planet.

Advocating for climate action for children's health and futures. Photo courtesy of CEHN
Research shows a connection between bridge pollution and increased asthma rates in the Lower West Side. Photo courtesy of Texas Observer via CEHN
Advocating for toxic free environments and products for children. Photo courtesy of CEHN

“Only now are we truly coming to realize the environmental impact on the smallest lives amongst us – our children.”

Lisa Sternfeld, WLLW Founder

WVE advocates for a future free from toxic chemicals found in everyday products predominantly used and heavily marketed towards women. Photo courtesy of WVE
WVE defending human rights and gender equity. Photo courtesy of WVE
WVE educates women on the toxins found in everyday cosmetics and fragrances. Photo courtesy of WVE
Humble Design require donations from the public to help families. Photo courtesy of Humble Design
Humble Design Founder & CEO Treger Strasberg and husband Rob Strasberg. Photo courtesy of Humble Design
A family in their newly furnished home. Photo courtesy of Humble Design