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Material Health: Design Frontiers

In this series, the team at WLLW examines some of the latest book titles in the world of design, architecture and sustainability. We summarise the book’s main ideas and gently appraise its strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, you’ll be enticed to pick up your own copy, or perhaps takeaways will suffice.

Photo courtesy of Healthy Materials Lab
“It is time to reassess our material economy by tackling the myriad of crises we face with knowledge, collaboration, and shared energy.” - Martha Lewis. Photo courtesy of Material Health: Design Frontiers
Samantha Josaphat-Medina. Photo courtesy of Nev Simpson for Material Health: Design Frontiers
Biomasonry is disrupting the construction industry by fusing biology and technology. Photo courtesy of Biomason for Material Health: Design Frontiers
From base coat to Venetian plaster on hempcrete. Photo courtesy of Duchanvre for Material Health: Design Frontiers
Charlotte McCurdy's carbon negative algae based bioplastic raincoat. Photo courtesy of Charlotte McCurdy for Material Health: Design Frontiers
Biomason grows bricks from bacteria. Photo courtesy of Biomason for Material Health: Design Frontiers
Aaron Dorf shares his views for healthy environments as a director at Snøhetta, Housezero. Photo courtesy of Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities

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Breathe Easy in Your Home All Year Round

Drawing on Harvard professor and healthy buildings expert Joseph G. Allen's research, it's crucial to understand how environmental pollution impacts the air quality inside our homes, emphasizing the need to reassess and improve the air we breathe indoors.