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How to...Create a Home Office That Supports Your Wellbeing

WLLW explores how to craft a home office that elevates both your work and wellbeing through intentional design choices.

Residence in Barcelona by Katty Schiebeck. Photo courtesy of Ruben Ortiz
DADO desk and OVO chair by New York-based Roman and Williams. Photo courtesy of GENTL & HYERS
Illustrator Mats Gustafson's office in Stockholm. Photo courtesy of Magnus Marding
Bendigo Street House in Melbourne by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick. Photo courtesy of Tom Blachford

"Optimizing storage in your home office does more than just tidy up the space and minimize the time spent searching for misplaced items; it fosters an environment conducive to productivity and emotional wellbeing."

London townhouse by Daytrip Studio. Photo courtesy of Jake Curtis and Elliot Sheppard
Manhattan townhouse by Juniper Tedhams. Photo courtesy of Noe DeWitt & Otto
Sag Harbor NY styled by Colin King for Anna Karlin. Photo courtesy of William Jess Laird
Illustrating light colour changes throughout the day. Image courtesy of The Lighting Practice
FH3605 'Writing Desk' by Arne Jacobsen. Photo courtesy of Fritz Hansen
MS011 light by Mette Schelde. Photo courtesy of Fritz Hansen
Flowerpot VP4 light. Photo courtesy of &Tradition
ZZ plant. Photo courtesy of Patch Plants
Peace lily. Photo courtesy of Patch Plants
Rose Park House in Australia by Studio Gram. Photo courtesy of Timothy Kaye
Copenhagen studio by Danielle Siggerud. Photo courtesy of Wichmann + Bendsten

"In essence, the goal is to craft an environment that nourishes your emotional state. While science may not have all the answers, it does confirm that surrounding ourselves with things we find beautiful can improve our spirits."

Amsterdam family office by Framework. Photo courtesy of Kasia Gatkowska
The Oxford Chair by Arne Jacobsen. Photo courtesy of Fritz Hansen
Alima trolley. Photo courtesy of &Tradition

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Breathe Easy in Your Home All Year Round

Drawing on Harvard professor and healthy buildings expert Joseph G. Allen's research, it's crucial to understand how environmental pollution impacts the air quality inside our homes, emphasizing the need to reassess and improve the air we breathe indoors.