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Carbon Footprints and The Power of Individual Action

We asked boutique sustainability consultants Orbis Advisory about the actions we can take to reduce our individual carbon footprints. Here's what they said.

Rupert Clark-Lowes

"The US has emitted more CO2 than any other country to date, being responsible for around 25% of historic emissions."

Professor and leading authority on calculating carbon footprints, Mike Berners-Lee. Photo courtesy of Ecologist
The ticking Carbon Clock in Union Square, New York counts down to when the effects of climate change become irreversible (2020). Photo courtesy of Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

"Consequently, if everyone adopted the same lifestyle as Americans, we would require approximately 5.1 Earths to sustain the ecological demands."

The average US and UK carbon footprints. Source Union of Concerned Scientists (2012) and Mike Berners-Lee (2020) respectively
About 30% of food purchased in the US is wasted. Photo courtesy of Adobe Images
Transportation emissions are largely made up of vehicle fuel and personal flights. Photo courtesy of Adobe Images

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